Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be a necessity for new landscaping projects.

Let Carolina Professional Landscapes, LLC show you that retaining walls can be beautiful as well as functional.

When you think of a retaining wall, do you think of the huge brick or concrete walls that you see on the sides of highways or parks? These are the images that come to mind for most folks when we talk about the necessity of a retaining wall as part of a landscape's design.

In fact, a retaining wall is any structure that holds back earth or water. Such walls can be made of decorative materials as well as brick or timber. They must carefully balance the pressure of the earth pushing against them and they need to be built properly so that drainage is taken into account.

Retaining walls can help increase the amount of livable space in your yard and add beauty to an area that might otherwise be nothing but a swath of saturated earth. Call Carolina Professional Landscapes, LLC today to find out how properly built retaining walls can save your yard (and your budget!) in the long run.

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